Living cells constantly process and respond to information from their surroundings.

Other living cells are one important source of information, which comes in many forms, such as hormones, neurotransmitters, and cytokines. The nature of these inputs, and cells’ responses to them, play critical roles in health and disease.

This insight has transformed our understanding of many diseases and led to the development of many life-changing medicines.

Inzen is discovering and developing drugs based on the insight that living cells process and respond to inputs from cells that are dying, either as a normal step in the cycle of cell turnover or abnormally under disease conditions.

This interplay, the domain of Thanokine™ Biology, is a rich and untapped source of insights into how to prevent and treat a range of serious diseases.

Inzen is developing a broad pipeline of novel medicines based on its proprietary insights into Thanokine™ biology.

These represent new approaches to treating cancer, reversing or stopping fibrosis and inflammation, and driving tissue regeneration.

Inzen's proprietary product platform applies advances in mass spectrometry and machine learning, novel probes, genetic and chemical biological technologies, and unique assays to characterize Thanokine™ Biology at scale and create drug candidates.

Harnessing Thanokines™ to create life-changing medicines​

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